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Case Studies

How We Help Companies Developing & Sourcing Products From China

CCTV Products Sourcing Partnership

The client is a growing provider of surveillance equipment in Eastern Europe and wanted to improve the cost saving and its turn around time to compete.

They needed to find some reliable manufacturer(s) for CCTV equipment and spare parts. The product range was including: surveillance cameras, digital video recorders, wireless IP cameras, power adapters, camera brackets, cables, etc.

As our company already had some experience in this field, we talked to the client and make clear all the details. After finding the right supplier with certified products at the right price, we shipped some samples to the client for checking and final confirmation. When production was finished we checked all products and spare parts and shipped them to the client.

Since then we keep having a good business cooperation until today.
CCTV Products Sourcing Partnership

Suppliers Consolidation

The client (a company from Greece) asked for our help in managing and quality checking the production of four different factories collecting and shipping out all products in one shipment.

After reviewing the purchase order details, we arranged the production plan of each supplier and supervised the progress of the production time. According to the production time given by the manufacturers we arranged all the inland shipping and make the proper logistics arrangements managed to lower the total cost of inland freight and warehousing.

The quality control took place on-spot at each factory before goods shipped out. Also we inspected and prepared all documents needed for exporting.

Finally, we booked the closest shipping line and took care of all the exporting procedures. The order was delivered at the agreed time.
Suppliers Consolidation

Industrial LED Lights Sourcing

The company is a wholesaler in Italy and wanted to import some LED lights for industrial use. The company needed to reduce products costs to increase market share and bottom line.

The client needed a special kind of LED professional lighting for use in big areas like factories, warehouses, etc. Because of that the LED lights should be of a good quality, reliable and qualified for heavy usage.

Within 2 weeks we identified a supplier that produces this kind of LED lighting and shipped some samples to the client for detailed evaluation. As the client was pleased with the samples quality and functionality, started a long-term cooperation with the chinese manufacturer. In addition we helped in the redesign of the LED lights' packaging according to client's requirements.
Industrial LED Lights Sourcing

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