Our specialized team can offer professional OEM services
from design to production for all milk frother products.

OEM Services

Full OEM Services for Electric Milk Frothers

Nowadays selling your own brand product is quite easy; even for a small business or a startup company. The most common way to do this is by printing your own logo on the packaging or totally have a unique packaging for the product you are selling.

Usually many small business buyers are importing products from China but rarelly using their own design packaging. Actually customized packaging is extremely beneficial for small companies - even for the ones that selling online on martketplaces like Amazon or Ebay. As it helps them build up (or upgrade) their company profile faster and create their own brands without engaging in a complex and expensive product development process.

Our in-house design team can help you on having your own design or adapt your company logo to a pre-existing packaging design. Our main advantage is that our design team manager is a western guy with many years experience in products marketing and design. We do know how important is a good packaging for selling and promoting any product. We can offer you a clean eye-catching design fully adapted to your needs and requirements.

Our OEM service is totally customer oriented - we can offer you all the possible ways to easily adapt the products to your local market and help you build your own brand name with low cost. We can help you design your own packaging (or send us your design) and print it. Our dedicated in-house team can handle these jobs, so you don't have to search for different printing companies or factories.
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Factory direct multipurpose electric milk frothers
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