Smart UV/LED Nail Lamps

SanYan Technology Development is specialized in design, development and exporting nail lamps products. We provide a wide range of UV LED nail lamps both for professional and personal use.

Our smart UV LED nail lamps have obtained several patents for technology innovation and their unique design.
High speed (2x faster) curing
Dry all kinds of nail gels & builders
Dual light sources
Automatic overheating protection
Smart auto sensor
Smart timer memory function
Long lasting LED lights beads
Full protection of eyes and fingers
No black hands
Comfortable and easy to use
All products have passed the respective tests and are CE, RoHS, FCC, UL and PSE certified. They are exported to Europe Union, eastern Europe, north America and southeast Asia.

Based to our philosophy "Innovation for simple life" we offer quality products and solutions that improve the everyday life of our customers today. All nail lamps are distinguished for their innovative technology, elegant design, compact style and easy of use.
Main Advantages
Innovative Technology
Modern Elegant Design
High Quality
Expert Technical Support
Competitive Prices
Full OEM and ODM Services
Elegant Design
Our team has a long experience in designing and developing innovative quality products with elegant design.
Fully Certified
All nail lamp products have passed the respective tests and are CE, RoHS, FCC, UL and PSE certified.
OEM/ODM Services
Our customization services offer comprehensive and reliable solutions for cost-effective products that suits you best.

Quality Control

We apply a 3-stages strict quality control:
Incoming Quality Control (IQC)
Performed upon receiving the different parts and materials.  Checking that all parts are in excellent condition and according to specifications.

In Progress Quality Control (IPQC)
During the assembly procedure. This way we guarantee that each product is working fine and its appearance is perfect.

Outgoing Quality Control (OQC)
Before shipping the finished products to the customer; making 100% sure that each and every nail lamp meets our highest standards.
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