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OEM/ODM Services

Thanks to its long experience and R&D team SanYan Technology Development is able to provide customers with an optimal solution in terms of both time and cost and ultimately with a premium product in terms of brand perception and quality. We offer full OEM and ODM services based to your special needs and specifications, making easy to have your own private label UV/LED nail lamps whether you are just starting out or ready to expand an existing business.

SanYan Technology Development is the ideal partner for businesses looking to maximise performance, improve design and reduce costs. From unique nail lamp features to printing box design we can provide the best service and product to match your exact needs.

Major international OEM/ODM exporting countries include Hong Kong, Korea, Germany, UK, USA, Japan, etc.

Whatever are your own brand's requirements we are able to customize our services and products to match your exact needs. Our customization services (OEM & ODM) offer comprehensive and reliable solutions for cost-effective products that suits you best.

Quality Assurance System

For SanYan Technology Development is mandatory that each and every product is perfect. Quality control is constantly and continuously implemented during all processes and stages of production to ensure the stability of the products delivered to you. The finest equipments are used to confirm and determine the best quality of products.
Starting with the very selection of raw materials such as LED bulbs, CCFL bulbs, adaptors, etc.,
The In-progress Quality Control, through assembly procedure assures that the completed product is 100% working,
The final Quality Control on the finished products before shipment ensures that each nail lamp is in perfect condition and according to our highest standards.
OEM/ODM Design & Production Process
Research & Planning
Design & Mock-up
Sample Production
Incoming Quality Control
Final Quality Control
Logistics & Shipment


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